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leading physical water conditioner


Water-King is the brand that started it all. Launched in 1994 Water-King offered specifiers and installers an easy to install non-chemical alternative to more traditional hard water treatments.

Water-King is a Physical Water Conditioner that inhibits scale encrustation in hot and cold water services by using an electronic frequency to encourage limescale to form in suspension.It removes existing scale deposits, partially softens hot water and reduces energy consumption. It requires no plumbing, is completely maintenance free and has a design life in excess of 25 years.


Leak-King is a fully programmable leak detection system that identifies major water leaks within a building, or between the building and the utilities water meter, before notifying the user both locally and remotely.

Designed to comply with BREEAM.requirements Leak-King utilises cutting edge technology to monitor water consumption and activate an audible alarm and remote notification system in the event of pre-set parameter being exceeded.  The controllers are capable of automatically shutting off the water supply, if fitted with an appropriate valve.

Consumption data is remotely accessible via our unique online portal, which is capable of producing reports to help reduce water consumption over time.

Lifeline UV

Lifeline UV incorporates industry leading technology from a globally recognised manufacturer into a new range of WRAS approved UV disinfection systems designed for the treatment of domestic water services.

Lifeline UV delivers non-chemical disinfection by exposing water sources to UV light, which rapidly renders microorganisms inactive. Our UK manufactured amalgam lamps offer improved efficiency and a wider operating temperature range than many other systems.


Nova-Flo is a unique flood prevention device that turns off the water to a bath or basin as soon as the water level reaches the overflow. It’s fully mechanical, completely hidden from the user and automatically resets as soon as the taps are turned to the closed position.

It’s an effective failsafe against flooded bathrooms, one that’s greatly appreciated by build to rent developers, hotels, care homes, landlords, property owners and tenants.

Water Meters, Shut-off Valves & PIR Sensors

Our high quality range of volumetric and woltmann type water meters, manufactured by one of the World’s leading suppliers, provide all of the performance and accuracy you would expect from a MID compliant device.

Alongside our range of shut-off valves and PIR sensors they can help specifiers and installers achieve BREEAM requirements for consumption monitoring and sanitary water supply shut-off during periods of non-occupancy.


Drink King is a high quality cartridge-based filtration system for the domestic market. It is simple to fit, requiring no plumbing skills, convenient to use and inexpensive to run. Installing a Drink-King kit will deliver fresh filtered water on tap, whenever you’d like it. You’ll never need to buy expensive, environmentally-unfriendly bottled water again!

If you currently use a filter jug, you’re likely to find Drink-King far a more convenient and economic way of getting filtered water. We offer a selection of cartridges to suit every users needs and when it comes to ordering a replacement we can even send you a reminder so you won’t forget!

Reverse Rinsing Filters

A market leading range of reverse rinsing/backwash filters designed to ensure that clean water is supplied to an appliance or process. The filters are WRAS approved and can be supplied with a range of different gauges of mesh inserts to suit most applications.

The filters can be easily cleaned manually, by opening a quarter turn valve, or installed with associated accessories to enable full automation of the cleaning process. Opting for automatic backwashing will reduce any requirements for on-site maintenance and is therefore ideal for pre-filtration in residential, commercial or industrial applications.

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